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DE49 - Spirulina Maxima Extract 5ml

Prevent the effect of blue light, anti-oxidizes, improves and revitalizes the skin

DE47 - Phytosterols Extract 5ml

Promotes cell regeneration, counteracts skin aging

DE48 - Bacillus Ferment Extract 5ml

Retains moisture and reinforces skin barrier

DE46 - Centella Asiatica Extract 5ml

Revitalizes, relieves and repairs delicate skin

DE45 - PhytoCellTec Argan Extract 5ml

Protects and vitalizes dermal stem cells

DE43 - X-Cell 30 Extract 5ml

Regulates skin cell regeneration

DE42 - Glutathione Extract 5ml

Whitens, inhibits melanin formation

DE38 - Snake Venom Extract 5ml

Smoothes wrinkles and restores firmness

DE37 - Snail Extract 5ml

Repairs, hydrates and anti-oxidizes

DE35 - Fullerene Extract 5ml

Reduces melanin formation, whitens and anti-oxidizes

DE34 - Copper Peptide Extract 5ml

Enhances self-repairing of skin, restores firmness

DE32 - β-Glucan Extract 5ml

Prevents and soothes skin irritations

DE31 - Royal Jelly Extract 5ml

Regenerates and repair cells

DE30 - B5 Extract 5ml

Replenishes the skin with moisture

DE21 - Platinum Gold Extract 5ml

Anti-oxidizes, counteracts aging

DE20 - Ascorbic Acid Extract 5ml

Anti-oxidizes, accelerates depigmentation

DE18 - Micro Peptide Extract 5ml

Promotes firmness and inhibits skin aging

DE17 - Ceramide Extract 5ml

Refines pores, enhances moisturizing ability of epidermis

DE12 - Caviar DNA Extract 5ml

Dark circles, facial expression lines and fine lines around the eye contour

Blended with Advanced Osmotic Technology


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