Antarcticine Extract 5ml

Retains moisture, regenerates and repairs skin

Ingredients source : Antarctica

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During the Antarctic summer of 1988, a Spanish scientific expedition collected mud samples from Antarctica. A new bacterial strain, Antarcticine, is characterized. It can retain water and withstand the extreme cold. After research, it is proved that Antarcticine helps the skin to retain water, stimulates fibroblast adhesion and keratinocyte growth, regenerates tissues and enables a faster healing of wounds.


Antarcticine Extract

The tiny molecules can easily penetrate the skin, deeply nourishing the skin and increasing water retention. As such, it effectively repairs dry and damaged skin. Unique complex of ingredients helps reducing moisture loss, particularly in harsh weather conditions. With long-lasting moisture replenishment throughout the day, skin is smooth and healthy-looking.


Best for: Dehydrated skin with fine lines


After cleansing, apply 1 to 2 ml over the whole face. Massage with palm in an upward circular motion. Use every morning and evening.