Apple Stem Cell Extract 5ml

Inhibits skin aging and smoothes wrinkles

Ingredients source : Switzerland

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Apple Stem Cell

The human stem cells in skin are the important element to maintain healthy and youthful skin. However, the number of skin stem cells decreases as we age, resulting in skin aging. Therefore, a substitute to human stem cells is needed for anti-aging therapy.
In 18th-century Switzerland, a rare type of apple called Uttwiler Spätlaube was cultivated. It was known for its remarkably long shelf-life. Research has proven that those apples contain highly active plant stem cells, with plenty of nutrients and protein. Scientists extracted the stem cells from the fruit, and discovered that the apple stem cells, like human stem cells, have the ability to regenerate new cells and repair damaged cells, which help inhibit skin aging, restoring suppleness of skin.


Apple Stem Cell Extract

Apple Stem Cell Extract contains Argireline, which has the similar effect to Botox, inhibiting the reactions that cause muscles to move or contract, and thus reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines formed by facial expressions. It can penetrate into the epidermis easily, prevent damage of collagen and elastin, and thus inhibit skin aging.


Best for: skin with decreased metabolic rate and facial expression lines


After cleansing, apply 1 to 2 ml over the whole face. Massage with palm in an upward circular motion. Use every morning and evening.

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