DERMAELEMENTS X Meiki Promotion Set 2


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DERMAELEMENTS X Meiki Promotion Set 2


Caviar DNA Extract 5ml x3

Dermapur HP Extract 5ml x3

Dermatology Aftercare Neck Mask 4pcs





Caviar DNA Extract

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is a hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms. DNA is located in the cell nucleus, which enhances the growth of skin cells and protein synthesis. It contains antioxidant, growth factor, vitamin and amino acid. It is an important active substance that contains our genetic patrimony that is all the information needed by the organism to develop and function correctly. However, as we age, our skin metablism slows down and collagen depreciates. Combined with the environmental pollution and stress, these factors accelerate the aging of the skin.


Caviar DNA Extract contains highly concentrated extract from salmon caviar, which contains similar DNA to that of human skin cells. It can thus be easily absorbed. This precious extract can promote normal dermal cell growth effectively, repair damaged cells and at the same time fight against free radicals. It can effectively improve fine lines and restore firmness. Its great repairing ability relieves and lightens dark circles, leaving your eye contour and skin looking bright and alive.



Dermapur HP Extract

Dermapur HP, originated from European folk, is a pure white flower grown in humid climates. The flower, having the reputation of “Queen of Prairie”, is illuminating its petals over time with sunlight exposure. It naturally contains salicylic acid – renowned for regulating sebum secretion. It helps the skin clean and fresh, reducing shine, preventing acne and purifying pores. The skin is thus refined and smooth.


Dermapur HP Extract re-equilibrates ecosystem in oily skin by regulating sebaceous secretion. Hamamelis virginiana extract is a potent medicinal remedy with soothing and pore refining properties. The natural moisturizing agent fills the spaces between skin cells to retain moisture, restoring the water and sebum balance. It helps promote healthy and shine-free skin.



Dermatology Aftercare Neck Mask

Dermatology Aftercare Neck Mask adopts the unique material of bio-cellulose mask, an FDA Approved GRAS. After a series of fermentation, this organic fiber material is produced. It is widely used in European and American medical research of artificial skin to heal and soothe burns, and as occlusive dressings to treat chronic wounds.


The neck mask is designed as the best complement to be used after laser, intensive pulse light (IPL), radio frequency (RF) and other medical skincare treatments, when the skin is at its best status to absorb nutrients. This neck mask provides best coverage which can infuse active nutrients into the skin continuously to nourish and stimulate self-repairing ability of the skin cells.



Terms and conditions:

  1. The above privilege is not redeemable for cash, non-transferrable and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotion offers. 2.The above offer can be enjoyed once only.3.While stock lasts. 3.DermaElements reserves the right of final decision in case of any dispute.


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