DermaElements x SNOW KIWI Intensive Nano Collagen Lifting Mask (1 box of 7pcs)


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DermaElements is partnering with SNOW KIWI for the first time in launching a revolutionary skincare product—DermaElements X SNOW KIWI Intensive Nano Collagen Lifting Mask.
Allows to active ingredients in 5 seconds; 1.8mm of the dermis in 15 minutes. Truly effective in skin penetration. With 8 years of clinical research and testing under the belt, the results are comparable to invasive therapy, subverting the concepts of face masks.  100% natural ingredients, 100% from New Zealand. 


Versatility is the Beauty of an Essence Mask

DermaElements x SNOW KIWI Intensive Nano Collagen Lifting Mask applies the game changing DermaLayr™ bioactive nanofiber technology to revolutionize the way skincare nutrients are delivered to the deep dermal layers.


Ingredients including

  1. Soluble Marine Collagen (I)
    Improve sagging and vastly reduces the loss of skin elasticity
  2. Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen
    Reduce wrinkles while increasing skin collagen density, and eliminate all traces of harmful chemicals
  3. VINANZA® Grape Seed Extract
    Improve elasticity and firmness. From sauvignon blanc grape seeds in Marlborough, New Zealand.
  4. VINANZA® Kiwifruit Skin Extract
    Nourish and protect skin from toxins. Effectively repair sun damage and prevent aging. This highly active ingredient is extracted from kiwi skin, originally discovered to protect the fruit from sun damage.
  5. Hyaluronic Acid
    Hyaluronic Acid is fermented with glucose microorganisms, which the complete structure allows excellent hydration and facilitates formation of a protective layer on the epidermis to retain moisture.


7 Day Clinical Proven Effectiveness

Target where the earliest signs of premature aging appear, such as around the eyes, nasolabial folds, forehead to intercept the problem from the root cause. Clinical


How to use


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Step 1: Nourish skin
Evenly spray DermaElements X SNOW KIWI Intensive Collagen
Moisturising Micro Mist on the entire face. Collagen nanofibers will be absorbed when in contact with damp skin.


Step 2: Remove plastic from the back
Note to avoid touching the white mask patch. Collagen nanofibers are easily absorbed by your wet fingertips.


Step 3: Firmly place on skin
Ensure the entire mask is completely moist and in contact with the desired skin area.


Step 4: Wait for 5 seconds
It is recommended to wait at least 5 seconds to ensure complete absorption.


Step 5: Remove the light blue back sheet
Collagen nanofibers dissolve completely when in contact with damp skin


Step 6: Gently pat any residue of collagen nanofibers
Gently pat any remaining collagen nanofibers into skin with hands until fully absorbed.


*To note
(1) Ensure mask is moist
Collagen nanofibers dissolve completely in contact with wet skin, so
ensure the mask is moist.

(2) Ensure the full absorption of collagen nanofibers
Please ensure all the white collagen nanofibers on the light blue back sheet are consumed. If any collagen nanofibers remain, press down into damp skin until fully absorbed.