Dermatology Aftercare Neck Mask 4pcs

Ingredients source : Germany


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The thickness of skin on the neck is as thin as that of the eye area. Neck skin has relatively less sweat glands and sebum which decreases moisture retention capacity, causing dehydration and wrinkles. Therefore neck care should not be overlooked.

In today’s technological world where people are constantly looking down at their smart phones, there is an acceleration of fine line and wrinkle formation on the neck skin. Prolonged neck care neglect causes speed-up in the reduction in collagen, skin resiliency and firmness, and increases fine lines, sagging skin, and aging.

Best Complement to Post Medical Skincare Treatment

Dermatology Aftercare Neck Mask adopts the unique material of bio-cellulose mask, an FDA Approved GRAS. After a series of fermentation, this organic fiber material is produced. It is widely used in European and American medical research of artificial skin to heal and soothe burns, and as occlusive dressings to treat chronic wounds.

The neck mask is designed as the best complement to be used after laser, intensive pulse light (IPL), radio frequency (RF) and other medical skincare treatments, when the skin is at its best status to absorb nutrients. This neck mask provides best coverage which can infuse active nutrients into the skin continuously to nourish and stimulate self-repairing ability of the skin cells.

Skin-like Perfect-fit Neck Mask

The thickness of the mask is only 3-8nm, which is 0.3% of general neck masks in the market, and its excellent adsorption capacity is 154% higher than the general neck mask. This skin-like perfect-fit neck mask enables perfect facial coverage and tepefaction effect to enhance absorption, metabolism, and collagen restructure to increase skin elasticity. The mask uses the Liposomes, an advanced technology to deliver active molecules to the site of action. Liposomes are the multi-layer microcells where the lipid bilayer orderly arranged, with the structure similar to phospholipid bilayer of the biologic membrane. The active ingredients are encapsulated in the liposomes, as small as 1/300 of a skin cell, to penetrate the skin deeply enhancing the ingredient absorption abilities. This helps the active ingredient to promote moisture level and anti-oxidizing effect right at the root.
Ficus Carica Fruit Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Polyquaternium-51, Cactus Extract and Ceramide are natural moisture retention factors that lock in and retain moisture. Litchi Chinensis Sonn (Sapindaceae) Seed Extract and Vitamin E are anti-oxidants that prevent skin aging. The mask leaves your skin soft, lifted and radiant.


Smooth the mask on cleansed neck and neckline with fingertips. Massage air bubbles to the edge of the mask. Relax for 15-20 minutes and remove the mask. Gently massage the residue essence into skin and leave it without rinsing. Follow up with routine skincare.

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