Maria special offer – Multi function cleansing kit (In store pickup offer)


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Super Soft Cleansing Gel 200ml 2pcs

*Free Dermatology Aftercare Set (Dermatology Aftercare Mask 1pc + Dermatology Aftercare Neck Mask 1pc) (Valued at: $260)


Free gift of in store pickup

Extract 2pcs (DE15 Arbutin Extract, DE20 Ascorbic Acid Extract, DE29 Tranexamic Acid Extract) (Choose 2 of 3)
$100 Cash coupon 1pc


After purchase, customer service will contact and arrange in store pickup.


Super Soft Cleansing Gel

All-in-One Makeup Remover, Cleanser and Moisturizer

Super Soft Cleansing Gel is mildly acidic, similar to the pH of our skin. It is gentle and non-irritating, which can perform deep cleansing even for sensitive skin. It contains subtilisin, a water-soluble protein extracted from bacillus subtilis, which can remove dirt and at the same time dissolve dead skin cells with the use of natural proteolytic technology. It also softens keratinocytes, promotes cell metabolism, and smooths out fine lines. The cleansing gel can help to heal small wounds, repair cells and reduce skin irritations. It can improve the moisture retention ability and prevent dehydration.

The refreshing cleansing gel can remove makeup, cleanse and moisturize. It can effectively remove grease, dirt and makeup in one simple step, and completely cleans the pores and purifies the skin. It can also accelerate metabolism whilst rehydrate the skin at the same time. Leaving behind zero residue after cleansing, the skin is hydrated, silky and glowing, enhancing the absorption of skincare products that follows.


Snail Intensive Repairing Mask

Snail Intensive Repairing Mask amplifies the benefit of the Snail Extract. The mask instantly renews and stimulates collagen synthesis and promotes dermal cell growth. It contains plenty of active anti-oxidizing ingredients, which prevents skin aging. Cucumber extract can repair dry and damaged skin and restore suppleness. Chamomilla recutita flower extract can relieve inflammatory conditions and calm sensitive skin. The mask leaves your skin healthy, radiant and silky translucent.


β-Glucan Extract

β-Glucan Extract can effectively prevent and soothe skin irritations by strengthening the defensive ability of our skin against external hazardous substance. By adding hydration component into the formula, the result is even more remarkable.


Soy Isoflavone Extract

Soy isoflavone extracted from soy beans is a natural hormone, also known as phytoestrogen. Soy isoflavone can be absorbed by human bodies, hence repair damaged cells, restore skin firmness and resilience, at the same time stimulate collagen production and improve fine lines.

Soy Isoflavone Extract is very similar to human estrogen hormones. It is especially efficient in improving problems like imbalanced and insufficient female hormone. It effectively improves skin quality and back tracks the youthful radiance and resilience.



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