Royal Jelly Extract 5ml

Regenerates and repair cells

Ingredients source : Japan

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Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly is a nutrient produced by bees for the raising of a Queen Bee. Thanks to the miraculous nutrient in the milky liquid that makes up their whole diet, the Queen bees are almost 4 times bigger in the size and live 50 times longer than their workers. For humans, Royal Jelly is a super-rich source of a multiple of vitamins and minerals that can benefit general health and wellbeing.

Royal Jelly is a natural beauty skincare product. It contains rich vitamins, protein, minerals and amino acids, which supplies nutrients to skin cells, promotes normal dermal cell growth and stimulates metabolism. It maintains skin radiance and resilience as well as protects it from external damages caused by UV and air pollutants.


Royal Jelly Extract

Royal Jelly Extract promotes dermal cell growth and prevents skin aging. Its anti-oxidizing capacity can effectively protect the skin from environmental damages caused by UV and air pollutants. Hyaluronic acid is added to the formula to further enhance hydration in deep dermis, restoring suppleness and radiance of skin. Saccharomyces lysate extract is also added to help calm and soothe inflammation, repair damaged cells, boost cell regeneration, and promote collagen production to restore skin suppleness.


Best for: Dull and rough skin with fine lines


After cleansing, apply 1 to 2 ml over the whole face. Massage with palm in an upward circular motion. Use every morning and evening.

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