Skin Awake 120ml


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As we age, our skin gradually becomes unresponsive to skincare products. This is due to the lowered vitality of our skin stem cells, and thus reducing our skin’s ability to absorb moisture and nutrients.Stem cells have the ability to continuously undergo cell division, and revitalize the epidermis by forming new keratinocytes and repairing damaged tissues. However, the number of stem cells in the skin will decrease with age, while ultraviolet rays, pollution, and stress will cause aging and loss of vitality to skin stem cells. Therefore, only by reactivating the skin stem cells can restore the skin’s absorption ability and increase the effectiveness of skincare products.

Precious Rose Stem Cells Promote Skin Vitality

It has been proven by research that plant stem cells are very similar to human skin stem cells. They have an astonishing ability to regenerate, which can promote regeneration and repair. Skin Awake contains precious stem cell content extracted from roses. With our exclusive plant stem cells gene transfer technology, the most active rose stem cells are preserved, replicated and proliferated. Each drop of rose stem cells extract contains 2 million rose stem cells, which can strengthen and activate the skin’s self-regenerating function, providing unlimited vitality, and restoring the youthful glow.

Refreshes and Soothes, Activates the Skin’s Absorption Ability

Skin Awake is moisturizing but not greasy. It balances skin pH and soothes irritation after cleansing. It helps remove residual dirt, makeup, and metal and chloride in tap water. It moisturizes stratum corneum cells to prepare skin to receive the maximum benefits of skincare routine. It can also strengthen the skin’s immune system, improve the natural moisturizing ability, prevents the from drying out, and reduces the appearance of fine lines, and is effective in improving rough skin texture and dull complexion, restoring softness to the skin. It fights free radicals and delays cell aging. Its natural rose fragrance can help relieve emotional stress.

Increases Penetration with Liposome Technology

Skin Awake uses the Liposomes, an advanced technology to deliver active molecules to the site of action. Liposomes are the multi-layer microcells where the lipid bilayer orderly arranged, with the structure similar to phospholipid bilayer of the biologic membrane. The active ingredients are encapsulated in the liposomes, as small as 1/300 of a skin cell, which can fuse with skin cells and penetrate deep into the dermis, bringing the active ingredients all the way through, revitalizing the dermal stem cells, restoring the health of the skin from the ground up


After cleansing in the morning and evening, and prior to applying other skincare products, apply an appropriate amount with cotton pads onto the face and neck. Follow by skincare routine.