Snail Intensive Repairing Mask

Ingredients source : Spain

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Snail Intensive Repairing Mask amplifies the benefit of the Snail Extract. The mask instantly renews and stimulates collagen synthesis and promotes dermal cell growth. It contains plenty of active anti-oxidizing ingredients, which prevents skin aging. Cucumber extract can repair dry and damaged skin and restore suppleness. Chamomilla recutita flower extract can relieve inflammatory conditions and calm sensitive skin. The mask leaves your skin healthy, radiant and silky translucent.


Skin-like Perfect-fit Mask Best Complement to Post-Medical Skincare Treatment

The unique material of bio-cellulose mask is widely used in European and American medical research of artificial skin to heal and soothe burns, and as occlusive dressings to treat chronic wounds. Complex Organism ( FDA Approved GRAS ) is adopted and after a series of fermentation, this organic fiber material is being produced. This material is also widely used in compression garments for its soothing effect on wounds and to promote repairing ability. The thickness of this skin-like perfect-fit repairing mask is only 3-8nm, which is 0.3% of general mask in the market. Its excellent adsorption capacity carries extract in 154% higher than the general mask. This mask enables perfect facial coverage, and is the most effective in repairing damages in skin, especially after medical skincare treatments such as optical and medical peeling.


Smooth the mask on cleansed face aligning the eyes, nose, and mouth openings with fingertips. Massage air bubbles to the edge of the mask. Relax for 15-20 minutes and remove the mask. Gently massage the residue remains into skin and leave it without rinsing. Follow up with routine skincare.